The Scientist Guy

Feb 8

Why Vertical Farms aren’t Possible

Vertical Farming is an innovative idea to solve the problems of world
hunger, decreasing agricultural area, increasing population etc. It says to
make skyscraper buildings in the city itself and do farming on the floors
of the building. This would reduce shipping costs and let us grow more
crops. There are several designs that scientists and architects have given
but why these aren’t being made?

There are several reasons. First of all, it will be too costly to be made.
Imagine you buy some land in New York City after spending a lot and spend
more for the construction of a tall building. What will you use it for?
Probably not for growing crops. Spending so much money just to grow crops
in a costly area doesn’t seem to be a good idea and only a waste of
money. Another reason is that sunlight, which is essential for growing
plants will be available only to a few plants that are near the windows.
Most of them will be in the dark. The solution which is given for this is
to use artificial lights. But again, why spend for light or any other
facility when you can just grow your food on the existing farms? Moreover,
sunlight is better than any artificial light.The next problem is of
irrigation, water will have to be pumped to the top floors. Conventional
farms don’t require so much pumping.

There are other ideas also like window farms which have gained popularity.
But it will not be able to produce enough to meet our food
requirements.Probably these reasons are enough for the world to not accept
vertical farming. The world will only accept it if it has the 3 basic
features- low cost, low maintenance cost and uses sunlight efficiently.